Schneegestöber & Hundeschnauzen

Before it really starts, a few

words to the scene: Äkäskero. The Äkäskero is a - with 528m by German standards rather small - mountain in Finnish Lapland and part of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, about 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.


Why Äkäskero? Before I started my first sled dog tour I thought intensively about this and did some research regarding various husky centers. Unfortunately not all rank the needs of their dogs first. In Äkäskero this is different. The dogs live together in families in spacious kennels. Each day they get the opportunity to play in the free run area. They are motivated to work with fun, not with pressure. In addition the Äkäskero team attaches great importance to the preservation of the environment. There are no luxury tours with snowmobile escort, parties and commerciality. Instead, guests get a chance to experience the original Lapland closely. But what was most important for me personally - perhaps seems to be a matter of course - is actually one big exception, if not unique: in Äkäskero care is also taken for old and sick dogs which can no longer be used for tours. They get as much attention and affection as the active dogs. In my opinion this is the only proper handling of ones faithful companions.


If you like to know more about Äkäskero or even want to take a tour visit the following page: or check out "Äkäskero Nature Resort" on Facebook where you can find pictures of puppies, training and so on.

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