Schneegestöber & Hundeschnauzen

Anything you should know about me? Not really, the blog tells its own tale. But if you like to have some more

information you can read the following paragraph.


Born in 1984, I grew up in a peaceful village in Thuringia. So, it does not surprise that - since I can remember - dogs and nature play an important role in my life. My dogs were always my faithful companions and together we spent a lot of time outside where neither rain nor snow could prevent us from our activities. Since I moved to Berlin for my studies first and to Munich for my work as a lawyer later unfortunately neither my time frame nor my apartments allowed to have a dog. But I had the vision to work with dogs one day since my childhood, due to my love for Scandinavia preferably on a husky farm in Finland. And this vision became stronger and stronger every day. The work there had to wait a bit, first I was even "just" a guest on a sled dog tour. That was four years ago. I fell in love with the dogs and the beautiful nature so I went on tour with „my“ dogs every year. And each time it became more and more difficult to return to my office. It is not that I didn’t have exciting cases there, on the contrary there were challenging tasks and anyway I always had a good relationship to my clients. But there was something that had to be realized ... The decision was not so easy at all, but I know that it is the right thing. Dreams you have to live as long as you have the opportunity to do so.


In this sense I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Yvonne Hofschneider mit Happy

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