Schneegestöber & Hundeschnauzen

What is Lapland? That is

not easy to say if you regard to geography. You can count the whole area of Scandinavia north of the Arctic circle or even the whole area of settlement of the Sami, the indigenous people of Lapland, or just the historical Swedish and current Finnish province.


In any case, one thing is certain: Lapland is something very special and anyone who has once been infected with the Lapland virus can not be cured of it.


In winter, there is polar night. But it is not just dark, but there are many hours of enchanting light in pink, purple and blue in the sky. And when it's really dark, then the ever-fascinating auroras in bright green or, with a bit of luck, red and violet dance over the sky.

In the summer, however, the midnight sun prevails, 24 hours of daylight make every sense of time disappear. One day passes in the next and - at least for a while - you would not like to go to sleep at all.


The temperatures in Lapland are extreme. In winter, -30 ° are not uncommon and it can also be significantly colder. From -35 ° the common tourist usually begins to photograph the thermometer. Indeed, at below -40 ° even we send photo greetings to our family and friends ;-) In the summer, however, it can sometimes be + 30 °. Luckily, there are lakes and rivers almost everywhere that invite you to swim.


In Lapland we share nature with many more or less wild animals, above all of course tens of thousands of reindeer. In addition, one regularly sees snow hares, foxes, moose, many, many big and small birds like eagles, ptarmigan, siberian jay, etc., with a little luck also a wolverine. Even lynx, wolves and bears can be found here, but they don’t come close to the dogs.

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